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  • Macos – Recognition of excellence function

    Makerere college school administration continues to motivate and encourage extra ordinary performance to both its students and employees.

    The function scheduled for sunday 18th june 2023 will be held at the A’level campus in Mulawa is aimed at not only inspiring students to raise the bar high in terms of academic performance but also to instill the sense of appreciation by rewarding the acadenic giants and exception performers in the different fields.

    The event is also aimed at stretching

  • Makerere College School in FUFA Tv Cup

    The long waited inaugural FUFA Tv Cup finally kicked off on Saturday 10th June 2023 with match day one group A morning fixture between Mengo Senior School which took the bragging rights over Makerere College School at Makerere Main ground full time result 4-1 in favour of the visitors.

    The tournament is organized and sponsored by the sport’s governing body – FUFA through its flagship brand FUFA Tv targets to re-introduce the game of football in the traditional academic giants in Uganda.

    FUFA hopes that the Cup can help rejuvenate the spirit of the game in these traditional schools that have been left behind by the current competitions.

    According to Fufa president – Magogo, by providing ‘a fair competitive platform for the traditional secondary schools’ with the rest of the schools, the tournament has been designed to give an opportunity to football players, referees and coaches at traditional secondary schools more re-known for academic excellence, to undertake football development in a safe, secure and technically managed environment without compromising academics.

    The Fufa boss graced the opening ceremony of the Fufa Tv Cup

    The opening game attracted dignitaries including FUFA President Hon. Magogo Hassim Moses, Fufa administrators led by chairperson tournament organising committee and executive Committee Member Dr. Apollo Ahimbisibwe, national team’s manager Patrick Ntege, former national team Cranes players Hassan Wasswa and Tony Mawejje.

    Macos went into the lead in the 8th minute through Brian Mukulu to send the home fans and students wild but this was short-lived as they conceded three more goals before the end of the first half and one goal minutes into the second half.

    A brace from Ambrose Adea(25), Ukasha Ssentamu (34 & 59) and John Senfuma (40) gave Mengo Senior School the win.

    The return leg of The FUFA Tv Cup gets underway this Friday 16th June that will see Makerere College School visit Mengo Senior School. The visitors will be aiming at nothing but revenge.

  • Debating club emerges victorious in Owlypia intellectuals challenge

    Makerere college school was represented in the recently concluded debating competions organised by the AgaKhan Foundation famously known as the Owlypia intellectuals challenge that was held at AgaKhan Univerty.

  • Senior four Candidates dedicated into the hands of God as they prepare for UCE.

    On Sunday 2nd October 2022, Makerere College school held a dedication service at the school’s main campus at Makerere hill where the senior four candidates were laid into the hands of the almighty for blessings and guidance as they prepare to sit for their Uganda Certificate of Education examinations (UCE).

    Students join members of clergy for the senior four dedication service

    A team of men of God from both the Islamic and Anglican faiths including Sheikh Fauza Semwanga of Makerere University Main Mosque, Reverend Onesimus Asiimwe team leader St. Augustine chapel Makerere university, Reverend Muwonge Mulindwa and Reverend Richard Muwonge presided over the colourful event dedicating the students, teachers, parents, school and stakeholders to God for resilience through and until the end of the exercise.

    Reverend Asiimwe who also happens to be an old boy of Macos advised students to work harder in the remaining time to polish their performance not forgetting to trust in God, and being responsible and accountable, especially after the examinations.

    Reverend Asiimwe

    Sheikh Fauza Semwanga who led the Muslim fraternity supplication (Dua) reminded learners of how Islam prioritises knowledge seeking as it is a must for every Muslim male and female to look for knowledge and share it as well. “Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was illiterate but endured a lot in seeking knowledge and now he is being recognized as the most literate and learnt being on earth”. Added sheikh Fauza who urged students to emulate him, walk under the confines of Islam and then Allah shall guide them in their examinations.

    Moslems led by Sheikh Fauza Semwanga during the dua session

    Madam Sylvia Nabanoba the Dean middle school Makerere College School thanked God for the blessing and guidance of these children since their admission to school in senior one, appreciated them for their discipline and good conduct for the four years at the school and concluded by asking them to always seek God’s guidance in anything they want to do.

    Mr Martin Muyingo, the Headteacher Makerere College School thanked the clerics who led the dedication service for always dedicating time to learners whenever they are called upon. Hailed students for their outstanding relationship and respect for teachers hence praying for God’s guidance as they sit for their Uganda Certificate of Education examinations.

    Mr Martin Muyingo – the Headteacher Makerere College

    He concluded by thanking parents for always facilitating and supporting the learners till this far not neglecting their role in parenting during the most challenging times of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

    Senior four candidates across the country shall commence their UCE examinations on the 17th of October 2022 as per the timetable released by the Uganda National Examinations Board.

  • Makerere College School PTA Handover and New School Bus Unveiling
    The outgoing PTA chair Canon Goddy Muhanguzi (left), The Head teacher Martin Muyingo (center) and incoming PTA chair Tom Mbalinda (right)

    On Wednesday 14 2022, The Makerere College School Fraternity witnessed a peaceful transition of power and handover of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) executive ceremony. Also, the newly procured Scania school bus was unveiled at the school A level campus in Mulawa Kira Municipality.

    The outgoing PTA chair Canon Goddy Muhanguzi reported to the incoming team achievements of his tenure including but not limited to Improving students’ performance at ‘O’ and ‘A’ level, Introduction of Luganda, Music and Entrepreneurship as UNEB examinable subjects, Purchase of 2 school buses-one for the main campus and the other for the Mulawa campus and Construction of a multi-purpose hall at Mulawa Campus.

    The official handover of the New bus to incoming PTA chairman Tom Mbalinda

    The Headteacher Mr. Martin Muyingo hailed the outgoing team for its selfless and distinguished service. He further challenged the students who attended the event that transition and relinquishment of offices in peace and harmony is possible and that they should emulate and also learn from the gesture.

    Unveiling of the new school bus

    Senior Counsel Tom Nuwagaba Mbalinda in his acceptance speech thanked the outgoing team for its commendable job in working with management of the school to make MACOS a sought-after school and assured the audience that him and his committee shall carry on the mantle, consolidate the previous gains and above all, achieve new targets to take MACOS to the pinnacle of secondary education in Uganda a place where MACOS ought to be.

    More on this in pictures:

  • Macos hailed for Qualitative and Holistic Education services by Buganda Kingdom.
    Makerere College school students dressed in Buganda cultural wear for the Nkobazambogo handover ceremony

    On Saturday 10th September 2022, happened the Makerere College School Baganda Nkobazambogo handover ceremony at the Main campus main hall where the outgoing association cabinet officially handed over tools of service to the new team.

    Baganda Nkobazambongo is not only a program of culture, values and norms instillation across secondary schools in the country but also a platform where students unite to exhibit and learn more about their local language, background and origin of the Buganda kingdom.

    The event that was presided over by the Buganda kingdom Youths, sports and recreation minister Owekitibwa Henry Sekabembe Kiberu saw Makerere College school Students and staff elegantly dress in Buganda Traditional wear of Kanzu (Emitega Nsowela) for males and Gomasi (Busuuti) for the Females.

    Nkobazambogo incoming leadership pose for a picture with Owekitibwa sekabembe and the patron Mr. Buwule Ddamba and the Dep. headteacher Madam Grace Nassali Ssali

    Owekitibwa Sekabembe appreciated the school administration for always honoring and participating in the activities of the kingdom including and not limited the Kabaka’s Birth day Run, the Sickle cell Awareness and the blood donation campaigns.

    He also challenged learners to focus on their education, memorize what they are taught just like they mention football stars’ biographies on finger tips. Concluded his remarks by hailing Makerere College school for its purpose of qualitative and holistic Education to learners urging them to develop a saving and investment policy that is yet to be unveiled by the kingdom called the Buganda Sacco that will focus on instilling an investment mindset in Buganda youths.

    Mr. Buwule Ddamba the Baganda Nkobazambogo patron at Macos, a renowned Luganda language enthusiast and culture trainer is proud for having led efforts of cultural, morals and values transformation in learners across the country that has inspired learners from other kingdoms of Uganda. He challenged parents and teachers to focus on culture preservation to ensure growth of upright citizens of this country.

    On behalf of the school Administration, Madam Grace Nassali Ssali appreciated the outing Nkobazambogo team headed by Nantongo Mercy at O’ level campus, Mugera Pius of A ‘level campus and welcomed Mugula Daniel and Sempebwa Adrian of O and A level respectively to champion the Nkobazambogo Club for the next one year.

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