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Macos hailed for Qualitative and Holistic Education services by Buganda Kingdom.

Makerere College school students dressed in Buganda cultural wear for the Nkobazambogo handover ceremony

On Saturday 10th September 2022, happened the Makerere College School Baganda Nkobazambogo handover ceremony at the Main campus main hall where the outgoing association cabinet officially handed over tools of service to the new team.

Baganda Nkobazambongo is not only a program of culture, values and norms instillation across secondary schools in the country but also a platform where students unite to exhibit and learn more about their local language, background and origin of the Buganda kingdom.

The event that was presided over by the Buganda kingdom Youths, sports and recreation minister Owekitibwa Henry Sekabembe Kiberu saw Makerere College school Students and staff elegantly dress in Buganda Traditional wear of Kanzu (Emitega Nsowela) for males and Gomasi (Busuuti) for the Females.

Nkobazambogo incoming leadership pose for a picture with Owekitibwa sekabembe and the patron Mr. Buwule Ddamba and the Dep. headteacher Madam Grace Nassali Ssali

Owekitibwa Sekabembe appreciated the school administration for always honoring and participating in the activities of the kingdom including and not limited the Kabaka’s Birth day Run, the Sickle cell Awareness and the blood donation campaigns.

He also challenged learners to focus on their education, memorize what they are taught just like they mention football stars’ biographies on finger tips. Concluded his remarks by hailing Makerere College school for its purpose of qualitative and holistic Education to learners urging them to develop a saving and investment policy that is yet to be unveiled by the kingdom called the Buganda Sacco that will focus on instilling an investment mindset in Buganda youths.

Mr. Buwule Ddamba the Baganda Nkobazambogo patron at Macos, a renowned Luganda language enthusiast and culture trainer is proud for having led efforts of cultural, morals and values transformation in learners across the country that has inspired learners from other kingdoms of Uganda. He challenged parents and teachers to focus on culture preservation to ensure growth of upright citizens of this country.

On behalf of the school Administration, Madam Grace Nassali Ssali appreciated the outing Nkobazambogo team headed by Nantongo Mercy at O’ level campus, Mugera Pius of A ‘level campus and welcomed Mugula Daniel and Sempebwa Adrian of O and A level respectively to champion the Nkobazambogo Club for the next one year.

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  • I liked the motto,vision and mission of the old school that’s prompts me to inquire about the school especially the school feels.Next year I would like to bring child to the school in S.1 as she finished P.7 2022.

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